Crisis strikes always come when you are not ready, from unexpected places: a woman, the wife, a partner, senior employee or from a competitor, do not let them ruin your life and at the same time the business that earns you and your family.

Before a crisis strikes, business owners should think about how a disaster would impact their families, employees, customers, suppliers, and the general public. Business owners should also think about how this will affect their company's value. A crisis can strike any company anytime, anywhere. Advanced planning is the key to survival. Here are seven critical steps to crisis management that every company should have in place:

1. Have a plan: Every company needs to have a plan that begins with clear objectives.
2. Identify a spokesperson: If the crisis could potentially impact the health or well-being of customers, the general public or employees, it may attract media attention.
3. Be honest and open: Nothing generates more negative media coverage than a lack of honesty and transparency.
4. Keep employees informed: Maintaining an informed workforce helps ensure that business continues to flow as smoothly as possible.
5. Communicate with customers and suppliers: You do not want customers and suppliers to learn about your crisis through the media. Information on any crisis pertaining to your organization should come from you first.

6. Social media: The Ebola crisis and other recent major news events have all confirmed that social media is one of the most important channels of communications. Be sure to establish a social media team to monitor, post and react to activity before and throughout the crisis.

A crisis that is not managed well can wipe out decades of hard work and company value in a matter of hours. A well-managed crisis confirms that your company has the processes and procedures in place to address almost any issue that may develop.

Sexual Harassment, If you are a victim of sexual harassment, I recommend that you first to go to the police, not to the media. We will be able to help give you the tools you need to be able to turn the tables on your attacker and we will stand up for you, with you.

We are available to you 24 /7. We will help you without judgment and without fear, no matter who attacked or assaulted you.

And for those who are a victim of a false accusation of sexual harassment, and also are in a battle with #metoo movement, please contact us, we will review your case and assist you if we can. If we cannot, we will provide you a few alternative options.



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